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Creating the content is just one step. 

Now that you've saved the cat, taken off your pants, and thrown the snowballs, are you getting the financial return you want?

Business Essentials for Writers is a primer to turn your passion into profits. 




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Paths to Publication Workshop

A workshop on getting your fiction novel published by author and publisher John G. Hartness. 

You will be taken through New York publishing, small presses, self-publishing, and how to decide what path is right for you.

You will also learn about agents, how money works in publishing, and how to avoid scams.

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Falstaff Books

Falstaff Books is a digital and print publishing company based in Charlotte, NC dedicated to bringing to life the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and dramatic literature. We love bringing amazing stories to light and giving incredible writers a voice. The battered, ignored, rejected “misfit toys” of fiction are all welcome at Falstaff Books, where we understand that every scar is a story and only with different voices can harmony be created.

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