Take a guided trip on your path to becoming a published author

John G. Hartness, author and publisher, takes you on a guided tour of the publishing industry.

Learn about the various types of traditional publishing and self-publishing, how to get an agent, how the money works, and how to avoid scams.

As a bonus, he takes a trip through his business and career as an author.


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The Path to Publication Workshop

What the hell do I do now that I've written a book?

John G. Hartness (http://johnhartness.com) author and founder of Falstaff Books (http://falstaffbooks.com) walks you through the different options for publication for fiction authors in the digital era. This live workshop is broken into ten easy to consume modules:

Module I: Introduction
Module II: New York Publishing or The Big 5
Module III: Small Press Publishing
Module IV: Self-publishing
Module V: Vanity Press Publishing (Author services companies masquerading as publishers)
Module VI: How to choose the path that's right for you
Module VII: Agents
Module VIII: How money works in publishing
Module IX: Making it Amazing, Getting your work ready for publication
Module X: Wrap-up and a bonus case study of an author's business

Throughout the workshop and after, you get support from John and the Author Essentials team, and your fellow authors.

(Warning: There is some NSFW language. Think cable TV after 10 PM.)


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